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Meeting a Supporter of Bad Oil and the Animals.

I was fortunate to have three animal welfare champions, Sue Kedgley, Dr. Michael Morris and Ben Dowdle willing to endorse Bad Oil and the Animals.
Then only a few days after the first printed copies of the book arrived, I finally met Ben Dowdle, Unmask Palm Oil Director in person, during his 21 November 2016 presentation to Parliament of hundreds of thousands of signed postcards calling for the mandatory labelling of palm oil on food products.

New Zealand’s major zoos and Unmask Palm Oil are urging NZ Food Safety Minister Jo Goodhew to follow European standards and adopt this practice. “Independent polling shows 92% of New Zealanders and 84% of Australians support this change,” Ben says.

In the coming months I look forward to meeting zoo staff, animal welfare groups and similar organisations. I also welcome any suggestions from readers about other places to offer this book.

Barbara Murison’s ‘Around the Bookshops’ Bad Oil and the Animals review

‘Heidi is sixteen and intent on being a society photographer but life doesn’t always turn out the way we expect. Instead Heidi becomes deeply involved with a group of teenage protestors who are trying to save orangutans in the wild. Add factory farming, the use of palm oil extract as stock feed and a whole world of subterfuge. A book with a message this certainly is, but it is such an important message and the pages are studded with a cast of such lively and spirited young people that it all makes for an unputdownable read.’