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Book Launches

Ecpat and LP Hansen Kilbirnie Library

The Dark Quest of Countess X – A Call to the World’s Youth‘ was launched on 7 April at the Children’s Bookshop, Kilbirnie. It was a privilege to hear from Kristen Haines of Child Alert (ECPAT) NZ about the work this international group does in helping keep children free from abuse. Their support for the book is much appreciated, as is the ongoing generosity of Ruth McIntyre of the Children’s Bookshop and good friends who attended.

Friends of the Kapiti Library facilitated a launch further north on 9 April. Thanks to Grace McGregor for a stirring introduction and to those who shared in lively discussion around issues covered in the book.


15 April 2021, review by Savarna Yang.*“Why is the human female valued so low that many women see themselves and others as not fit to live?”Around the world, mysterious emails arrive at schools asking teenagers to “help missing women” by ...

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This is a terrific read, delightful not just for young adults but for the older adults in their lives. It gives a bigger picture of how we humans can - as historically proven - live equably together. The Quest to ...

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I'm very excited about this book which makes urgent issues real and accessible while leaving young readers feeling empowered. I'm hooked!

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