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Sixteen-year old Heidi always dreamed of being a society photographer for the rich and famous. Instead, her first film project plunges her into a world of subterfuge as she joins an audacious group of teenage protesters committed to saving orangutans in the wild. Their investigations lead them into the shadowy world of factory farming and they risk protest after protest with exhilarating success. There’s daring, disguise, danger and more than a little mischief, particularly with their provoking impersonations inspired by US hoaxers, The Yes Men. But when the police come calling at their school, has it been one stunt too many?


‘An absorbing and exciting book about teenagers who decide to investigate the way palm oil plantations are destroying the habitat of orangutans. Interwoven into this action-packed novel is the use of palm kernel extract as stock feed plus an expose of factory farming. It is a fascinating tale that teenagers will love. I can highly recommend it.’
Sue Kedgley, politician, animal welfare campaigner and author.

‘Transmits a profound and disturbing message in an informative yet entertaining tale of teenage self-discovery.’
Dr. Michael Morris, Director Environmental Education Ltd, zoologist, author and animal welfare advocate.

‘A fast paced and exhilarating read on an important issue. Well researched and well written, it puts a spotlight on activism, encouraging any young person into action.’
Ben Dowdle, Founder and Campaign Director of Unmask Palm Oil, The Australasian campaign for mandatory labelling of palm oil.