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The Dark Quest of Countess X

Calling herself Countess X, one of Europe’s richest billionaires invites the world’s youth to take up a modern-day Quest. Will they help her to challenge a colossal abuse of human rights?  Teenagers submitting the most effective suggestions will be welcomed at her European residence to present their plans. But these submissions must be their own work.

More than forty young people converge on the château to share their plans and meet with wealthy philanthropists and others prepared to put the plans into practice. Tensions accelerate as cheats are expelled, hostilities revealed and romances bloom. Then the pace of the Quest quickens – changing the participants forever.

Format: Paperback, 276 pages

NOTE: This book is endorsed by Child Alert (ECPAT) NZ. 

ECPAT Child Alert upholds the fundamental rights for children in Aotearoa NZ to be free from all forms of commercial sexual exploitation.

Industry and readers’ reviews for The Dark Quest of Countess X

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Review in Tui Motu Magazine, by Catharina van Bohemen — August 31, 2021New Zealander L P Hansen writes about “real kids in real adventures” which include current universal crises such as bullying, climate change and consumerism. The Dark ...

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This inspiring and stirring tale of feminism and awareness comes with hints of humour and romance and will provide readers with a slew of new knowledge to take into their daily lives without the sometimes-tediousness of standard non-fiction texts. Kiwi ...

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15 April 2021, review by Savarna Yang.*“Why is the human female valued so low that many women see themselves and others as not fit to live?”Around the world, mysterious emails arrive at schools asking teenagers to “help missing women” by ...

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This is a terrific read, delightful not just for young adults but for the older adults in their lives. It gives a bigger picture of how we humans can - as historically proven - live equably together. The Quest to ...

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I'm very excited about this book which makes urgent issues real and accessible while leaving young readers feeling empowered. I'm hooked!

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