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Commenting on her latest storytelling project, LP Hansen says:

“Researching my book, An Unexpected Hero I uncovered little known links between many of the best-known peacemakers in these islands. These discoveries resulted in me developing a one-hour dramatic narrative session, Peacemakers in these Islands – from Rēkohu and Parihaka to the Nuclear Ban Treaty and Nobel Peace Prize (2017) and beyondI wanted to show these peacemakers as part of a robust, ageless and ongoing tradition, not as rare, exalted individuals standing alone.

For three years, I’ve taken this illustrated oral storytelling presentation into primary and secondary schools where it’s been very well received, particularly in classes studying the New Zealand wars and Parihaka. I also tell the story at events such as education conferences and to community groups.

Other programmes I offer include themed storytelling for celebrations such as Matariki. I tell in venues from schools to retirement villages and also at birthday parties. I’m a member of storytelling groups, have written a book on storytelling and teach occasional classes. Click here to contact me for more information on any aspect of this wonderful art.”

See Session Reviews by both Primary and Secondary teachers

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Whanganui Library recommends Linda Hansen as an experienced researcher and storyteller offering a comprehensive presentation on peacemakers in Aotearoa New Zealand in a wide sweep across history: “Linda guided us through centuries of peacemaking right up to the present day. ...

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Your session was very appropriate for my Year 10 students as they have just started learning about the New Zealand wars and Parihaka. The early links between Parihaka and Rēkohu surprised and impressed them. They were also encouraged to learn ...

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As you know, at the time of your Session the students were willing to sit on the floor for almost an hour and listen to your story, and had lots of questions for you at the end. I wanted to ...

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Your presentation was informative and your enthusiasm in presenting was well received by the twelve Year 9 groups. You obviously have a talent as a storyteller!!Your Session tied up really effectively with our work on Parihaka. We have a school-wide ...

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