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Hannah Nash

Your session was very appropriate for my Year 10 students as they have just started learning about the New Zealand wars and Parihaka. The early links between Parihaka and Rēkohu surprised and impressed them. They were also encouraged to learn the influence that such long-term commitment to non-violent ways of managing conflict had on Gandhi and others around the world. The positive impact still exerted by conscientious objectors like Archibald Baxter was new to them as well.

Finally, we all valued taking a fresh look at the significance of New Zealand’s role as a legally nuclear-free nation, how this was achieved and particularly how it has helped opened the way to the Nuclear Ban Treaty.

St. Peter’s College will certainly welcome you and your Peacemaker’s session when next you visit Palmerston North.

Hannah Nash
English and Social Studies Teacher
St Peter’s College

Reference for Session – Peacemakers in these Islands: From Rēkohu and Parihaka to the Nobel Peace Prize 2017 and beyond.  September 2019.