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The students loved it

As you know, at the time of your Session the students were willing to sit on the floor for almost an hour and listen to your story, and had lots of questions for you at the end. I wanted to send these later comments for your interest and as an extra to your feedback sheet.

The students loved the way you hooked them into the story with the tale of those early travellers and their turning to a peaceful way of living. They were fascinated to hear you speak of the Moriori people and Parihaka and the links between them.

Many of them commented on how interesting it was to hear more about their country’s long involvement in peacekeeping. It was quite a novelty to them, as was the impact this has had on the wider world.

They appreciated the pictures and map and other items and also noted the way you used pauses for dramatic effect and to allow them time to think about and digest what you had just said.

All in all, we thoroughly enjoyed your presentation.   The students were clearly focused on what you had to say and although they sat listening for a long time they felt it was time well spent, interesting and entertaining.

Thanks again for giving us your precious time.  It was truly appreciated.

Sally Ratchford,
Team Leader – Kahikatea Team,
Paremata School,
21 June 2018

‘Peacemakers of these Islands: Stories of Rēkohu, Parihaka and More’